2019 TeenPact Intern

Laura Gosz

Laura Gosz comes from the state of Oklahoma. Raised midst the red dirt roads, vibrant sunsets, and close-knit community of Stillwater, Laura has two older siblings and five younger ones. She loves being a big sister and treasures the time with her brothers and sisters.  


After hearing about TeenPact through her older siblings for years, Laura almost cried for joy when it was finally time to go to her first Four Day Class in 2014. It was love at first sight.  An extremely shy person, TeenPact encouraged Laura to step outside her comfort zone and speak up as a leader among her peers. Her love for TeenPact overflows when Laura begins to describe the amazing lessons she’s learned over the years about what it looks like to live for the glory of God in a world that desperately needs Jesus. She is continually blown away at the community of believers she meets at TeenPact who truly care about Jesus and living radically for Him. God really does use and equip young people to proclaim His name to the world! With a heart for music, Laura loves the integral part worship plays in every TeenPact event. She has seen, through TeenPact, that worship is not only singing praises to God – it is also praising God through the way we live our lives for Him! Laura is thrilled to be serving as a 2019 TeenPact Intern. She knows God has incredible things in store for this next season and is prayerfully looking forward to seeing young peoples’ lives changed by Jesus in such a way that they live their lives in all-out, on-fire, joy-filled worship of Him.


With an deep love for life and people, Laura approaches relationships with thoughtful understanding and compassion. God has filled her heart with the dream to become a Bible translator for Muslim, unreached people groups who have no Bible available in their language. God is glorified by every culture and language (He speaks all of them fluently!), and the Bible is full of commands to proclaim the gospel to all the nations. While it’s a little bit scary, she’s excited about this opportunity to trust Him as she helps proclaim Jesus to those who have never heard of Him. Laura loves babysitting, serving on her church’s worship team, learning languages, and sharing stories with friends. If she were to write a song about her favorite things, the chorus would include references to  jamming with other music lovers (her siblings are her favorite musicians to jam with), drinking coffee with friends and family, going for early-morning-prayer-bike-rides, and dark, dark chocolate.


Laura is currently serving as a Representative of the TeenPact Nation, in office since May 26, 2018.


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