Lydia Verdoorn

Having lived in the fascinating city of Des Moines, Iowa, her entire life, Lydia has developed a strong appreciation for Iowa’s wonderfully friendly people, along with the beautiful rolling hills and vivid greenery of Iowa’s countryside. As much as she enjoys her home state, she, along with her parents and four older siblings, also love to travel all across the United States, exploring new places and checking more National Parks off their list. Growing up, she and her siblings could often be found reading classic books, participating in theater productions, camping in tall hammock stacks, or trying to win the favor of her feisty cat, Pippin. 


When at home, Lydia enjoys slow mornings playing and listening to music, journaling, and making a perfect cup of coffee. She takes any excuse to be outdoors, whether through kayaking, rock climbing, or hiking. Lydia feels happiest when spending time with friends, spontaneously buying ice cream, or going on road trips. She is particularly passionate about the pro-life ministry and hopes to work with a pro-life nonprofit after graduating from Union University, where she attends college. 


After showing up at her first Iowa One Day Class, shy but excited, Lydia came to love this ministry her older siblings had all been telling her about. Now, nine years later, she can’t wait for this new opportunity to serve and invest in others all across the country. She is eager to meet new people wherever she goes, sharing the goodness and grace of the Father to his children.

2022 Interns