2021 TeenPact Intern

Will Ferguson

Will lives in Niceville, Florida, which was once described on a travel website as, “a very nice place to live.” While Will loves learning, he also loves cultivating friendships on a football field or around a body of water. You might even find Will walking too slowly and dreaming about scuba diving with big sharks. When not traveling with TeenPact, Will works as a math tutor and DoorDasher. He plans on attending Georgia Tech to study Economics and International Affairs.


Will’s first State Class was the beginning of a community that has added so much depth, joy, and encouragement to his life. Even more importantly, TeenPact has encouraged Will to pursue God more personally with intentionality every day. He is thrilled to serve TeenPact in 2021 for so many reasons and hopes to be a blessing in the community he found at TeenPact.


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