2021 Traveling Intern Team


Known for their leadership skills and dynamic personalities, our 2021 Traveling Intern Team is comprised of experienced TeenPacters who have committed to serve this year at our classes and events around the nation. Once Students and then Field Staff, our Interns were chosen after a rigorous interview process that considered their strengths and skills, vision for discipleship, and leadership ability.


A Program Director and a few Interns serve as the leaders on each of our State Classes. Our 2021 Program Directors are responsible for casting vision for the week, managing class logistics, and overseeing the curriculum being taught. Along with our Interns and a team of local and regional Field Staff, they teach the State Class curriculum in engaging ways, build friendships with Students, lead worship and discipleship groups, and handle class details.


We are so thankful for this group of capable leaders, humble servants, involved citizens, and dedicated followers of Jesus Christ. We couldn’t do TeenPact without them!


2021 Program Directors


Ben Babcock
Tulsa, Oklahoma 


Although he was born in Texas, Ben Babcock is proud to call the Sooner State his home. Ben enjoys the abstract flares of life – including an appreciation for classy Volkswagen vans and watering his succulent collection, accompanied by a wide variety of rhythms and melodies to color his days. There is never a dull moment when traveling the United States on new adventures with his parents, younger siblings, and camera companion, Hugo. 


From editing an epic photo shoot with friends, to eating gluten-free waffles, to crossing states to share the gospel, Ben is eager to jump into the opportunities God places in his life. TeenPact has been one of these opportunities for Ben. His TeenPact journey began back in 2016, and Ben looks forward to all the exciting ways God will continue to lead him on this path as he serves as a Program Director in 2021.



Chad Fryer
Tyrone, Georgia


Chad Fryer is from the small, southern town of Tyrone, Georgia. Just far enough outside of Atlanta, Chad enjoys the perfect blend of city life and the countryside. He is the second oldest of his three siblings and loves being close with all of them.


The Fryer family has been enthusiastically involved in TeenPact for many years. Chad started in TeenPact in 2012, when he attended his first One Day Class. After reluctantly going to his first Four Day Class in 2017, he quickly fell in love with the ministry. He strives to impact the community around him in all areas of life and has grown a lot as a leader throughout his years, both a Student and Staffer. Chad has seen God work powerfully in and through TeenPact and could not be more excited to see that continue as he returns as a Program Director in 2021.


Chad finds great fulfillment in being around his friends, most often as he plays games and sports. He enjoys working with his dad and brother in their family business. In his free time, you can find him reading, playing the guitar, fishing, or thrifting for dad hats to add to his collection. Some of Chad’s most treasured time is spent being discipled and discipling others. Chad is currently studying Christian Studies and Business at Liberty University, with hopes of eventually going into full-time ministry as a pastor.



Isaac Richardson
Kansas City, Missouri


Isaac grew up outside of Kansas City, Missouri, and is excited to have this opportunity to travel around the nation as a Program Director with TeenPact this season. Isaac works as a barista trainer at Starbucks and loves the creative environment that comes with working at a coffee shop. 


After attending a One Day Class in 2012, Isaac wasn’t interested in returning to TeenPact. In fact, he actually cried himself to sleep the night his parents told him he would be attending a Four Day Class in 2015. After the class ended, however, he realized how much he loved the ministry, and has been involved ever since. Isaac is extremely thankful for the ways that the Lord has used TeenPact is his own life. He loves how this ministry encourages young people to be educated in politics and, more importantly, to seek a relationship with the Lord. 


Isaac loves being spontaneous and is passionate about traveling, trying new things and meeting new people. He enjoys listening to music, playing the violin, and spending time with his parents and three siblings. He is so excited to see all the ways that the Lord is going to move throughout the 2021 TeenPact season.



Logan Hancock
Greenwood, South Carolina


Born and raised in the home of Bike Week, Daytona Beach, Florida, Logan Hancock now lives in the slightly-less-humid climate, with a massively smaller population, of Greenwood, South Carolina.


Logan’s older brother, Luke, was the family test pilot with TeenPact, and from the moment he heard the second-hand recounting of the TeenPact experience, he couldn’t wait to go as a Student himself. Since he attended his first TeenPact One Day Class in 2013, Logan has been hooked on the people and program of TeenPact. Seeing other youth step into positions of leadership and ministry has made a  profound impact on Logan throughout all of his TeenPact experiences over the years. The amount of growth he continues to experience through TeenPact inspires him to give back in any way he can.  He is excitedly anticipating the opportunities he will have to contribute to a community of discipleship and ministry as a Program Director for the 2021 season.


Along with his parents and older brother, Logan enjoys water sports on the lake and good food. A passionate people-person and avid shoe-wearer, he really appreciates a good shopping trip with friends. Three of Logan’s favorite things are Taco Bell, bowling, and the Miami Dolphins. Logan is studying Business and Economics at Liberty University, and is excited for the upcoming TeenPact Season.



Toby Forehand
Garfield, Georgia


Toby Forehand comes from the tiny, completely unnoticeable town of Garfield, Georgia. With a population of 204, to say that Garfield is a bit “sleepy” would be an understatement. Because of this, Toby grew up learning to find the fun in just about anything along with his five siblings.


Toby attended his first TeenPact State Class when he was 13 years old and was absolutely terrified for most of it. In spite of this, however, that first taste of TeenPact unlocked a potential within him that he didn’t know he had. Toby saw people the same age as him who didn’t shy away from incredible amounts of responsibility and leadership. In addition to this, Toby became a part of a community of believers who genuinely cared about Christ and others and weren’t afraid to show it with their actions.  Since his first class, Toby attended every TeenPact event he could. Because of the profound impact the ministry had on his life, Toby hopes to give back to TeenPact through relentlessly seeking excellence and encouraging others this season.


Toby spends most of his free time pursuing creative outlets such as photography, design, and music. Toby can be found eating too many chicken wings or being his own barista with the coffee maker in his home (because Garfield doesn’t have any coffee shops). After Program Directing, Toby plans on attending Union University to study Communications.



2021 Interns


BritTon Miller
Holly Springs, North carolina


Full of rich, southern charm, the first in flight, the nation’s barbecue capital, and supreme ACC basketball teams… what’s not to love in Britton’s home state of North Carolina? Britton, her parents, and her four siblings live in Holly Springs, where you can often find the Miller family spending time with their horses, wakeboarding, paddleboarding, or spending time at the lake.

Britton was excited to go to her first State Class, and by the end of the first day, she found herself diving fully into the program. TeenPact has shown her that, even as a young person, she can greatly impact her government and the culture around her. Her experience in TeenPact stretched her and challenged her in her walk with the Lord. As an Intern with TeenPact, Britton is looking forward to serving, praying for, and discussing the Word with Students around the country, as she encourages them in their relationships with the Lord.

When she’s not on the road with TeenPact, Britton has spent time interning with the Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina, tutoring Korean students online, and teaching horseback riding lessons. Her free time consists of hiking, playing pickup basketball, running, traveling, or spending time with her family and friends. In the fall of 2021, she is excited to follow her parents’ footsteps to attend Clemson University.



Caleb Sayres
Melbourne, Florida


Having lived in Maryland and Colorado, Caleb calls the relaxing town of Melbourne, Florida home. He loves playing many instruments, as well as basketball. Caleb used to constantly play Chess, but now prefers going on a drive with friends, hanging out at the beach with a bag of Sunchips, or playing his guitar. Wherever you find him, Caleb’s energetic and sincere personality will be on full display. It doesn’t take long to see that Caleb loves people and enjoys using his gifts for the benefit of others.


Caleb’s first TeenPact State Class powerfully impacted him by seeing the strength of a community of strong believers and disciples for Christ. It showed him how he could be living a more intentional and passionate life for the Lord at home by learning to encourage and grow with other believers in his community. Outside of TeenPact, Caleb has worked many places, from garden shops to mango farms. He currently works with a construction company, as well as a local tree-trimming company. Caleb loves to implement the relational intentionality he learned through TeenPact, and is ready to do so on the road next year as a 2021 Traveling Intern.




Franklin McMahan
Apex, North Carolina


Coming from a town that has been ranked the number one place to live in America by both Time and Money Magazines, Franklin is proud to call fast-growing Apex, North Carolina home. With a talented passion for many things, Franklin spends a lot of time listening to political commentary, practicing piano, or playing sports with his friends. He is planning on using his passion for politics and over 13 years of piano experience by pursuing a degree in political science and piano performance along the way to becoming an attorney someday.


Franklin was forced to go to his first One Day Class when he was eight. While he didn’t want to go, it didn’t take long for TeenPact to win him over. Franklin now loves the way that TeenPact has incorporated his passion for discipline, discipleship, and politics all in one. Franklin is excited to share his experiences with other Students and Staffers this season and is looking forward to having a ton of fun along the way. While he might be found teaching piano lessons or enjoying Taco Bell, Franklin is excited to hit the ground running for the 2021 State Class Season.



Hannah Freeland
Knoxville, Tennessee


Hannah lives with her three siblings and parents in the city of Knoxville, Tennessee. Although you’re more likely to hear it called “K-Town,” “Knox,” or “Knox Vegas,” Knoxville is home to lots of history and sports, and is not too far from the Smoky Mountains. If you were to visit Hannah, she would make sure to take you on a tour of the World’s Fair Park and downtown Knoxville.


Hannah’s first Four Day Class was the inaugural Tennessee Class. She was reluctant to go at first and made it her goal to not participate in any activities and stay as quiet as possible. At the end of the class, however, her mind was blown when she found out the people leading her class were the age of her peers. She left TeenPact with a desire to be confident and bold, and to strive toward excellence in her life. Now, six years later, she is excited for the opportunity to lead her peers and pour into them the way she was poured into as a First Time Student.


One of Hannah’s greatest loves is travel, and when she’s not traveling with TeenPact, you might find her trying to add to the list of fifteen countries she’s visited. At home, she spends her time with her family and friends, staying active by swimming or running, and taking time to paint and draw. Hannah is a freshman at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. She plans to continue working towards her degree after her internship with TeenPact.



Isabel McConnell
Manhattan, Kansas


Isabel lives in Manhattan, Kansas, otherwise known as the “Little Apple.” Even though she loves her classic American hometown, Isabel grew up in a military family, once calling Washington, Georgia, and Germany home. One of four kids, Isabel lives with her parents, younger brother, and selectively nice cat, Clement.


When she was nine years old, Isabel attended her first One Day Class in Georgia. Although she does remember the bill to make 30-day jail time mandatory for anyone who killed a butterfly, Isabel’s TeenPact experience really began at the Kansas Four Day Class. Her favorite part of TeenPact has been the opportunity to develop a strong community of young believers who encourage their peers.


In her free time, Isabel enjoys reading books and listening to crime podcasts. On rare occasions, she’ll break her no-exercise policy and go on a long-distance bike ride. She loves the green Kansas prairie, early mornings, baking, and eating chocolate. After her internship with TeenPact, Isabel plans to attend Kansas State University and explore a career in Research.



Jada Kamau
LITTLE Elm, Texas


Jada comes from Little Elm, Texas, a fast-growing suburb of Dallas, which boasts a beach, bipolar weather, barbecue, and Tex-Mex on every available corner. She is the second of five kids in her family and grew up as a pastor’s kid, moving around to as many as five houses in four years!


After her older sister came home raving about TeenPact, Jada knew she had to be a part of it. Before her first State Class, she had already prepared her campaign strategy and was ready to dive in! Sure enough, she loved the program, formed a strong community with her peers, and came away inspired to step up as a leader in her community. Her apathy towards government and politics changed into a passion for serving the Lord in all areas. She is excited to be a part of experiencing how God changes lives across the country as she travels with TeenPact!


Jada is a sophomore at Collin College, with plans on transferring to Southern Methodist University to study Elementary Education. In her free time, Jada helps her grandfather write a memoir book project. She also loves experimenting with healthy recipes, and is a huge Marvel and anime fan. Not the best at sports, Jada can usually be found reading, trying different cultural foods, or playing games with friends.




JakOB myers
OMAHA, nebraska


Jakob Myers lives in the home-style city of Omaha, Nebraska. He loves people, politics, and just about any kind of competition. He has competed in speech and debate on a national level for five years. Being a self-proclaimed political nerd all of his life, Jakob has volunteered for many campaigns and non-profit organizations. He plans on continuing this passion by studying law. While Jakob can debate policy with the best of them, don’t be surprised if you find him out on a football field or snacking on some Twizzlers with friends.


From the very beginning, Jakob loved both the discipleship and government aspects of TeenPact. The more involved in TeenPact he got, the more he grew to love it. After being discipled by the Staffers and feeling the love of the TeenPact community at his first Four Day Class, he was pushed closer to the Lord. At his first National Convention in 2016, Jakob was convicted to take ownership of his relationship with the Lord. Ever since, TeenPact has continued to help Jakob dive into an intimate relationship with God. With a strong grasp on, and passion for discipleship and government, he is excited to step into his role on the 2021 Intern Team with the intent of training and equipping Students and Staffers all around the country.




JOHN Clayton
McKinney, Texas


John hails from historic McKinney, Texas just a few miles north of Dallas. Quick-witted and dependable, John loves to play basketball, improvise on the piano, and relax on a rainy day. He is currently an online student with LeTourneau University, pursuing a degree in Aviation to become either a missionary, or a private or commercial pilot. There are few things John enjoys more than spending time with his best friends and munching on some beef jerky and fruit snacks.


John’s favorite part of TeenPact was watching the Staffers act out the Bill Skit at his first One Day Class. As he spent more time with the ministry, John began to love TeenPact because of the many God-fearing people who want to draw closer to Him and who push each other to do the same. John quickly found that TeenPact is a place where lifelong friendships are made, and a place where you can be your “normal” self. John is most looking forward to working with the Staffers and Interns all around the country, growing closer to Christ, and having a blast along the way.




Katie Patterson
Fayetteville, Arkansas


From the heart of the Ozark mountains, Katie lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas, with her parents, her siblings, and her two pups, Tagg and Lulu. Although she’s lived in the same neighborhood her whole life, she hopes to travel the world as a flight attendant after serving with TeenPact this year.


Katie’s mom signed her up for her first State Class with only seven days to complete the homework! Although it wasn’t until her second State Class that Katie truly came to love TeenPact, her first year showed her the influence she had as a bold ambassador for Christ. Now, as a Traveling Intern with TeenPact, Katie looks forward to meeting people around the country and sharing God’s goodness.


When she’s not leading State Classes, Katie can be found at home, savoring a slow morning with a coffee and a journal. She loves spending time with friends, whether through exploration, movie nights, or trips to the beach. Katie also volunteers as the Culture Director for her church’s young-adult ministry, and can’t wait to implement the skills she has learned through her new role with TeenPact.




Kylee brandon
Melbourne, Florida


Kylee would describe her hometown as easy-going, sunny, and beachy. The Surf Capital of the East Coast, Melbourne, Florida, is home to Kylee, her family, and their dogs, Buddy and Molly. You could find Kylee spending much of her free time soaking up the sunshine with friends at the beach or paddleboarding on the river.


After attending her first Four Day Class in 2016, Kylee fell in love with the ministry and hasn’t missed a year of TeenPact since. Her time in TeenPact has shown her how Christ can work through the faith of young people. As an Intern, Kylee is excited to meet people across the country and see how the Lord will work through the ministry.


At home, you can find Kylee working at her family’s construction company as the Office Administrator. Her favorite things include musical theater, new restaurants, and her family’s chocolate chip cookies. After finishing her Associate’s Degree at a local state college, Kylee hopes to attend the University of Florida to study Public Relations and Communications.




Laney Williams
Franklin, Tennessee


Laney lives in Franklin, Tennessee, a historic, small-town full of American history, just a short half-hour from the heart of country music and the Tennessee Capitol – Nashville! The second of four kids, Laney loves her sisters, Kate and Elizabeth, her brother, Caleb, and their golden retriever, Tucker. While she and her siblings have been part of TeenPact since they were young, her parents have also been involved through the years, making TeenPact a fun, family experience.


Laney can remember wanting to be like the Staffers since her first One Day Class. When she was old enough to attend the Four Day Class, Laney was shy and nervous, but through the week, felt equipped to be more confident and step outside her comfort zone. TeenPact was the catalyst for her relationship with Christ, and since her first State Class, she has been able to grow as a believer in forming strong community with like-minded young people. As an Intern with TeenPact, she is excited to continue to grow as an individual and see more lives changed.


Another considerable part of Laney’s life has been Irish dancing. She spent fifteen years traveling around the world competing, placing as high as 11th in the world, and 2nd in North America. If she’s not on the road with TeenPact, Laney spends much of her time babysitting and teaching Irish dance classes. She also loves travel, coffee, dried mangoes, and spending time with her family and friends.




Lauren Tate
Asheville, North Carolina


Having recently moved to Asheville, North Carolina, Lauren’s heart is still in the Black Hills of South Dakota. With two older brothers and parents who love to hike, Lauren leads a pretty active life with frequent hiking, skiing, swimming, boating, paddleboarding, and anything else that the summers in the Rushmore State can offer.


Lauren reluctantly attended her first Four Day Class in 2015, and by Wednesday, she didn’t want to leave. Her class gave her a better understanding of government and politics and equipped her to be bold in her faith when she went home. She looks forward to seeing more Students step outside their comfort zones as she grows alongside them during her internship with TeenPact!


Driving through the mountains with music playing and windows down is one of Lauren’s greatest joys. She also loves reading, wildflowers, fruit, spontaneous trips, and laughing. She plans to attend Palm Beach Atlantic University in the fall to study Business Management and Politics.




Patrick Sullivan
Tampa, Florida


Patrick hails from Tampa, Florida, the lightning capital of North America. Tampa boasts of the longest sidewalk in the world, and is home to what he considers to be the best hockey team ever, the Tampa Bay Lighting. Patrick loves eating Chipotle, playing piano or guitar, and is a big fan of anything related to the Washington Wizards and the NBA. Patrick also loves spending time with his family, playing golf, tennis, or relaxing at the lake. 

Patrick watched his three older sisters participate in TeenPact before he was old enough to attend the Four Day Class. By his first year as a Student, he was eager to experience the State Class. TeenPact helped Patrick to see that being a Christian was so much more than just going to church on Sunday, but rather a pursuit to know, love, and serve God in all parts of life. Patrick loves the discipleship side of TeenPact, as well as the opportunity to show young people their capacity for influence and leadership. Patrick is excited to use his enthusiastic, relational, personality to walk alongside others in their relationships with Christ as an Intern for the upcoming State Class Season.




ryan folmar
Yantis, Texas


You probably haven’t heard of Yantis, but Ryan is one of the 388 people that call this tiny Texas town home, where Ryan was raised on his family’s farm. While online college classes and his mowing business keep him busy, his favorite pastimes usually involve traveling and lots of chocolate. Give Ryan a mountain to ski down and a glass of chocolate milk and you will find a very happy man. While Ryan loves to have fun, his true passions involve serving at TeenPact, as well as at a special needs ministry and other camps.


Three major things have stuck with Ryan since his first Four Day Class: He saw that young people could have serious conversations about Christ and life with friends, singing and worship can be a very special and joyful experience, and Ryan was inspired to know that he could be a mature leader and not just an apathetic teen. He is excited to share his experiences with others this State Class Season and can’t wait to build new friendships throughout his internship with TeenPact!




Selah Anderson
Jacksonville, Florida


Selah lives just a few blocks away from the beach in Jacksonville, Florida. Full of surfers, fishermen, good food, and undyingly supportive Jaguars fans, Jacksonville is a vibrant town with lots of fun things to do. Selah lives with her parents, three sisters, brother, dog, fish, and rabbit.


After hearing about TeenPact from friends at co-op, Selah saved up for months to be able to attend her first Four Day Class. Even though she was excited to go, her expectations were blown away and she couldn’t get enough. Since then, God has used TeenPact to shape her into the person she is today, instilling confidence and training in her to impact the culture. She looks forward to seeing how other Students’ lives will be transformed this State Class Season and is grateful for the opportunity to Intern with TeenPact.


At home, Selah spends much of her time working at Chick-fil-A, reading, writing poetry, going to thrift stores, and creating art. Her favorite thing is chasing the sunset with friends while driving with the windows down and listening to music. After interning with TeenPact, Selah plans on attending Bethlehem College & Seminary to study Theology. She hopes to use her degree and passion for ministry by working for churches and nonprofits in Communications.




seth martin
Chesterfield, Virginia


Seth Martin calls the commonwealth of Virginia home. Living in the suburbs of the growing Richmond area, Seth loves to brew a nice cup of coffee and will talk endlessly about anything written by Tolkien. As a self-admitted introverted extrovert, he loves to spend time with his nieces and nephews but can also be found outside playing a TeenPact classic: Ultimate Frisbee.


Having grown up watching his seven older siblings participate actively in TeenPact, Seth has loved seeing people his age who are on fire for Christ. While Seth has been greatly impacted by countless TeenPact friendships over the years, having his brother, Noah, pray over him at his first State Class is one of his fondest memories. When not at TeenPact, Seth can be found working as a barista at a bakery, reading a good book, or spending time with friends, all while displaying his goofy and caring personality.




Stephen deloglos
Chesterfield, Virginia


While born in Colorado and also a proud Greek, Stephen Deloglos now lives in Chesterfield, Virginia. Stephen loves sports and anything involving athleticism. Don’t be surprised if you find him around a pool, working as a lifeguard or swimming. If not at the pool or working on school, Stephen is likely doing CrossFit, eating food, or hanging out with friends. Stephen is almost always wearing a smile on his face and loves to use his intuitive personality to develop genuine relationships.


God used Stephen’s first State Class to reveal ways that he was closing off his life to God. He loves the unique community and experiences TeenPact has to offer, and has seen the ministry have a great impact on his life. Stephen is excited to continue his spiritual growth this State Class Season, as he invests in others throughout his internship.




Will Ferguson
Niceville, Florida


Will lives in Niceville, Florida, which was once described on a travel website as, “a very nice place to live.” While Will loves learning, he also loves cultivating friendships on a football field or around a body of water. You might even find Will walking too slowly and dreaming about scuba diving with big sharks. When not traveling with TeenPact, Will works as a math tutor and DoorDasher. He plans on attending Georgia Tech to study Economics and International Affairs.


Will’s first State Class was the beginning of a community that has added so much depth, joy, and encouragement to his life. Even more importantly, TeenPact has encouraged Will to pursue God more personally with intentionality every day. He is thrilled to serve TeenPact in 2021 for so many reasons and hopes to be a blessing in the community he found at TeenPact.




Zeke Erickson
Columbus, Mississippi


Zeke grew up as a part of a military family in the slow-paced, southern town of Columbus, Mississippi. Whether it be playing sports, going on a road trip with friends, or strumming his guitar, Zeke loves anything adventurous and active. This enthusiastic spirit and family background has fostered a desire to become an airline or Air Force pilot one day.


Zeke was greatly impacted at his first State Class by seeing other young people his age who took their relationship with the Lord seriously. He loves TeenPact because of the community he has found through his involvement with the ministry. Zeke has grown in his faith during his time in TeenPact, and has learned to appreciate and be passionate about government. He is most looking forward to building new relationships, serving Staffers and Students, and drinking lots of Arnold Palmers while he travels the country during the 2021 State Class Season.