Director of Events

Aryn Rozier

Aryn Rozier was born in Florida, raised in Oregon, and is now back on the east coast working in the TeenPact National Office. Though she occasionally misses the Pacific Northwest, Aryn still enjoys the same things: people, sports, and the outdoors. 

Aryn began her TeenPact story when her mom and older sister attended a One Day Class without her. They loved it so much that they dragged Aryn along with them the next year and the next year, and the next year until she loved it as much as they did. Aryn went on to serve as a Staffer, Intern, and Registration Manager before taking on her current position as our Director of Events.

Aryn and her husband, Garrett, are excited to serve together in ministry through TeenPact, church, and other areas of life. When not at her desk, you can find her drinking Starbucks refreshers and working at her favorite retail store.

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