Class Director

Ben Edmonds

Ben Edmonds was raised in Oregon and cannot imagine a better place to call home! He immensely enjoys living in the PNW and can often be found going for a run with a friend, hiking the Timberline Trail with his brothers, or camping around Mt. Hood with his family. He also doesn’t mind coffee… at all!


He and his wife, Lauren, keep busy raising their two young children, Leon and Frances. While primarily working with eCommerce brands and helping grow their digital ad channels, Ben also serves as a music leader at his church. He and his family are wholly invested to be a blessing in their church, community, and city.


Ben benefited significantly from TeenPact. He attended a Four Day State Class as a student and continued to serve as a Staffer, Intern, and Program Director. He developed some of his most meaningful memories and relationships through TeenPact and is honored to continue to play a small part in the program.

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