Class Director

Brent Freeland

Dr. Brent Freeland calls the gateway to the Smokey Mountains, Knoxville, Tennessee, home. Over his years of ministry, Brent has started and pastored churches in Texas, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Tennessee and has spoken to thousands of people about Christ in a variety of venues –– from jails to corporations to living rooms –– anywhere someone will listen to the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.


Brent’s first experience with TeenPact was in 2009 when his wife, Sabrina, registered him to take their oldest child to the One Day Class in North Carolina. After the class, he told Sabrina, “This is something we want all our kids to do!” And their family has been involved ever since. Brent’s passion is to make the message of the Bible clear and simple through memorable, meaningful, and sometimes funny ways. He is excited to invest in the lives of students through TeenPact.


Brent enjoys exercising, eating donuts (not always in that order) and traveling with his wife, Sabrina, and their four children.

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