2020 TeenPact Intern

Chloe Carlson

For the past four years, Chloe Carlson has called the beautiful city of Rockwall, Texas her home. Growing up she also lived in four other incredible Texas cities: Houston, Keller, Hillsboro, and Lubbock. Chloe comes from a passionate and competitive family of five, and would not hesitate to call her brothers her closest friends. 


Chloe’s interest in TeenPact was sparked when she saw her older brother came home from TeenPact and proceeded to host a private State Class for her and her younger brother. Since then, TeenPact has been near and dear to her heart. Chloe’s love for TeenPact is rooted in the incredible opportunities the ministry provides for young people to serve. She is passionate about working with others to create an environment that encourages godly leadership in today’s culture. She recently graduated from college with her associate’s degree and eagerly awaits the next season of life God has planned for her through this internship. 


When not at TeenPact, you can catch Chloe working towards her goal of visiting every coffee shop in Dallas; she’s off to a great start with 50 shops visited thus far! Chloe always has time for a talk about Jesus or a little photoshoot. In her free time, she watches Gilmore girls over homemade popcorn with her mom. No matter what she does, she enjoys her time spent with people, especially when that involves coffee and Jesus.


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