Communications Manager

Elizabeth Albano

Elizabeth Albano hails from Boston, MA, but due to growing up as a military brat since day one, she finds it difficult to pin down her roots. From a young age, Elizabeth has taken every opportunity to travel the world; visiting Asia, Europe, and all across the United States. Wherever she goes, you can be sure to find Elizabeth trying the local coffee. She has a dream of someday cage diving with great white sharks, considers sarcastic letter boards her sense of humor, and has a deep love of Asian food (noodles, dumplings, sushi, it’s all incredible.)


In her personal time, she loves staying active with hiking, running, and rock climbing. But just as she loves spending time outdoors, you have an equal chance to find her enjoying a good book, working on an art project, or spending time with friends and family. Elizabeth graduated with a B.S. in Strategic Communications and Graphic Design from Liberty University. She looks forward to using her love of communications and branding to put back into the organization that was such a blessing in shaping her into who she is today.

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