2020 TeenPact Intern

Emma Patterson

Emma loves to describe her hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas, as artsy and granola with hints of southern charm. Raised in the heart of the Ozarks, outdoor adventure, sports, and traveling have always been staples for she and her two younger siblings. 


Emma’s TeenPact story began in 2015. Emma was signed up for her first State Class less than a week before it began. She understandably felt overwhelmed and uncertain in the days leading up to the class, but all her nerves were calmed the moment she was greeted by the TeenPact staff. From that day forward, TeenPact has played an integral role in Emma’s life. Through TeenPact, she has met some of her closest friends, experienced significant growth and maturity and learned greater dependency on the Lord. Emma is excited for this new season where she can share the joy that she has experienced at TeenPact. Through investing in relationships, discipling, and growing in knowledge of the Creator and His world, Emma is eager to see the Lord’s glory revealed. 


Emma finds joy in a great cup of black coffee, a deep conversation, and driving with the windows rolled down. If you ever happen to visit her in her hometown, she will take you to the best sunset lookout in Northwest Arkansas and to watch her beloved Arkansas Razorbacks play baseball. Emma is truly gifted in discipling young people in how to live with intention and be obedient to the voice of God. She is currently a student at The King’s College in New York City where she is learning to adapt to big city life and navigate subway trains.


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