2020 TeenPact Intern

Kendall Roach

A Tampa, Florida native, Kendall Roach has lived in both Florida and Texas before moving with her family to Charlotte, North Carolina. Kendall experienced private, public and home education before graduating from high school through the International Baccalaureate program at her local public school. The middle of three sisters, you can often find Kendall and her family cooking together, giving each other book recommendations, watching UNC basketball (go Tar Heels!), and enjoying long summer nights out on their back porch.


Kendall attended her first TeenPact State Class at thirteen years old after her older sister and friends came home raving about their own experiences. Nervous that she wouldn’t fit in or didn’t know enough about politics, Kendall reluctantly attended the class anyway. That week, she quickly learned why her sister and friends loved TeenPact. While Kendall enjoyed learning about the political process, she left TeenPact inspired by a deeper understanding of how God calls us to himself and to a community with those who love Him – even at a young age.


Kendall faithfully served as a  TeenPact Traveling Intern for the 2020 State Class Season, where she enjoyed helping students experience the transformative power of the gospel and the same sense of fellowship with their peers that she has come to experience herself. 


Outside of TeenPact, you can find Kendall on campus at UNC Chapel Hill, frequenting her favorite coffee shop, teaching dance class, or attending small concerts in the local arts district.


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