Class Director

Paul Martin

Paul Martin, originally a Connecticut native, now happily calls Lafayette, Louisiana, home. He loves the daily opportunities his job as a paramedic provide to show the love of Jesus as he cares for the injured.


He got his start in TeenPact as a student in 2004 at the first TeenPact Connecticut State Class. Ever since that class, Paul has been an active part of the TeenPact community, serving in several key positions including as an employee for the ministry. His favorite part of now serving as a Class Director is watching students and staff teams grow and thrive throughout the class week.


On his days off, you can find Paul with a good book in hand, working on a gardening project, or spending time with people. If you catch Paul with a moment free, be sure to ask him about some of his crazy former jobs (like the one where he was an apple picker, tractor driver, plant seller, computer programmer, and Christmas tree seller all at the same time).

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