2020 TeenPact Intern

Toby Forehand

Toby Forehand comes from the tiny, completely unnoticeable town of Garfield, GA. With a population of 204, to say that Garfield is a bit “sleepy” would be an understatement. Because of this, Toby grew up learning to find the fun in just about anything along with his five siblings.


Toby attended his first TeenPact State Class when he was 13 years old and was absolutely terrified for most of it. In spite of this, however, that first taste of TeenPact unlocked a potential within himself that he didn’t know he had; he saw people the exact same age as him (well, mostly a little older) who didn’t shy away from incredible amounts of responsibility and leadership. In addition to this, Toby became a part of a community of believers who genuinely cared about Christ and others and weren’t afraid to show it with their actions. 


Since his first class, Toby attended every TeenPact event he could finesse his way into. Because of the profound impact that the ministry had on his own life, Toby hopes to give back to TeenPact through relentlessly seeking excellence and encouraging others this season.


Toby spends most of his free time pursuing creative outlets such as photography, design and music. With a passion for all things communication, Toby hopes to have a future that revolves around communicative excellence in some form or fashion. When not doing anything particularly beneficial, you can find Toby eating too many chicken wings or posing as a real barista with the coffee maker in his own home (Garfield doesn’t have any coffee shops).


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