2020 TeenPact Intern

Anna Claire Williams

Anna Claire Williams has affectionately called the sweet, southern state of Mississippi her home since birth. She lives on 36 acres of gorgeous pasture in the tiny town of Eudora with her two wonderful parents, Mark and Cindy, and older brother, Lake. She loves fishing whenever she can, or sitting on the back porch with her beloved black lab, Tripp. Living just an hour south of the BBQ Capital of the world, Memphis, Tennessee, Anna Claire loves to enjoy an evening downtown on the Mississippi River or seeing a Broadway Tour at the Memphis Orpheum Theatre. 


As an eight-year-old, Anna Claire remembers attending her first One Day State Class alongside her brother. For the next few years, Anna Claire would watch from the One Day Class as her older brother got to enjoy the Four Day until she was finally old enough to attend herself. Since the beginning of her time with TeenPact, she has always appreciated the combination of discipleship ministry and political involvement. Having organized several student projects for political candidates, Anna Claire stays active in the political world. God continues to remind Anna Claire that the life we have been given is not our own. As she heads into her final season with TeenPact, she is eagerly anticipating the Lord using the year to make her more like His Son. 


In her free time, Anna Claire has always been involved in the Fine Arts, as she has loved dancing classical ballet for the last 14 years of her life. After recently saying goodbye to her pursuit of dancing, she’s finding new ways to stay busy with kickboxing and casual runs around their beautiful backyard pond. For the past few years, she has taken up the two best jobs in the world: being a birthday party princess and baking and selling her famous Apple Cake. before beginning her Internship with TeenPact, Anna Claire will call Palm Beach Atlantic University her new home as she pursues a Management Degree.


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