2020 TeenPact Intern

Olivia Green

Olivia Green hails from the state of New Hampshire, home of pristine mountains, maple syrup, and the “Live Free or Die” spirit. A proud New-Englander at heart, Olivia has lived and hunted in New Hampshire for her whole life with her parents, two brothers, three sisters, and her English Pointer dog. Always busy and ceaselessly amused by the antics of her smaller siblings, she nevertheless finds time to immerse herself in the classic literature she so enjoys.


Olivia was first introduced to TeenPact when she tagged along with her older brother to a One Day Class in 2010. Several years later, Olivia attended her first Four Day Class as a student and fell in love with the program. TeenPact illustrated the fact that our culture had set an unreasonably low bar for its youth, and that it was the responsibility of young Christian men and women to pursue everything they did with excellence as ambassadors of the Lord.


This first experience with TeenPact sparked a desire in Olivia to pursue a career in state government and to practice this excellence as a TeenPact staffer teaching about the political system. Olivia is now overjoyed to witness how God works through staffers, students, and families across the nation while serving as a 2020 Traveling Intern this season.


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