Anna Owen

From the often forgotten, fly-over state of Iowa, Anna loves her state’s beautiful sunsets and epic thunderstorms. Growing up on a family farm, Anna spent much of her childhood making up games to play with her two brothers, being homeschooled by her mom, or riding in the tractor during harvest with her dad. She also has a horse named Skeeter and enjoys trail rides with him.


Despite her disproportionate dread of canoes, Anna has a love for being outside and experiencing God’s creation firsthand in a tangible way, and she relishes a good thunderstorm. When at home, you can find Anna playing the piano or any other instrument that may be close by. She feels most comfortable wearing a backpack and hiking up a mountain, playing a good game of frisbee or lacrosse, or with a camera in her hand. Her love for videography and photography drives her to continue to create stories using those mediums. 


As the internship approaches, Anna is excited to see the tangible ways God works during each class and for the genuine relationships formed throughout the season. These genuine relationships are what kept Anna coming back to TeenPact, and it was at TeenPact that she feels she learned how to cultivate those relationships. Ten years ago when little Anna showed up to her first One Day class, unaware of what it meant to be a leader or even a follower of Christ, she would never have expected to be so greatly impacted by this ministry. She feels so blessed to get to serve this closely with that same ministry and see the same impact happen to so many lives like her own.

2023 Interns