Kellen McKee

Kellen McKee is from the cowboy capital of the world, Fort Worth, Texas. Living in the perfect mix of country and city, he loves dirt roads, working cattle, and motorbikes, but he also enjoys late nights spent walking the downtown streets and going to the park with family and friends. Kellen falls directly in the middle of five siblings, four of which are boys. One could often find him and his brothers wrestling on the trampoline, racing on four-wheelers, or locked in combat in Super Smash Bros.


While Kellen loves all kinds of sports, his favorite has always been Ultimate Frisbee, where he encounters fierce competition from his older brothers. For the last two years, he has also had the opportunity to referee high school basketball. In his spare time, Kellen devotes his energy to practicing piano, mastering a piece of card magic, reading a book, or discussing history and current events with his family.


Kellen attended his first TeenPact State Class in 2019. While initially overwhelmed by everything happening, he quickly fell in love with the people and atmosphere of the ministry. In that class, he truly experienced what it means for a young believer to follow Christ in political culture. Heading into the TeenPact season, Kellen is thrilled to serve on the TeenPact Traveling Intern Team. He is eager to see how God uses this ministry to pour into the lives of students all around the country!

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