Liberty Brink

While she was born in Belleville, Illinois, Liberty has always known the Black Hills of South Dakota as home. She is from a family of adventure enthusiasts that spend much of their time traveling coast to coast all together in a motorhome. When she’s not traveling the country, you can find her savoring every moment at home, running errands with her youngest siblings, nestling in a hammock beside a lake, pouring latte art in her local shop, or helping kids learn how to code video games. 


Liberty loves learning new things and seeing more of God’s character displayed through the learning process. A few of her recent favorites are editing videos filmed by her little brother, playing bar chords on her guitar, speeding down cement on roller skates, and shifting gears in her little red Mazda Speed3 without stalling.


In 2017, Liberty experienced TeenPact for the first time as a Four Day student and was terrified. She pushed herself out of her comfort zone in many areas she never had before. Throughout her next years of attending, she was inspired by staff members who took the time to tell her of the potential they saw in her. She went on to run and be elected State Class Senator and Governor and is currently a part of the National Administration as a Senator.


Through staffing with TeenPact, Liberty found abundant opportunity to serve the Lord’s will with the gifts and talents He has given her. Both because of that and by being inspired by Paul’s letters, Liberty is eager to continue taking those opportunities as an intern to be all things to all people serving God’s kingdom in every place.

2023 Interns