Rachel Robertson

Rachel Robertson hails from the greatly underrated state of Mississippi, also coined “the ‘Sip”, and she calls the little town of Ellisville her home. She has lived her whole life in Ellisville, and has never moved houses or churches, which makes her a very home-grown girl. 


As the youngest of four siblings involved in TeenPact, Rachel attended her first Four Day class in 2018, where she never once asked a question in TeenPact legislature. Now, she can proudly say she has spoken in the well… once.


A lover of arts, Rachel enjoys spending her spare time journaling, reading, having deep conversations, playing instruments, and watching movies. She’s a bit of an old soul, and particularly loves spinning old jazz vinyl records. As a result, she found herself in the top 1% of Dean Martin’s listeners last year. Rachel danced ballet for 9 years before switching to a sport that better suited her 6’ 2” stature… basketball.


Rachel is looking forward to joining in the work the Lord is doing to inspire the youth of today to become interested in the ins and outs of the political process. Most of all, she is excited to witness lives being changed by the Father to go and change the world.

2023 Interns