Henri Anslinger

Henri was born in The Woodlands, Texas, but moved out to the country to a little town called New Waverly when he was eight years old. The rural way of life resonates with who he is. Walking through the woods, quiet outdoor evenings, and plenty of room for outdoor activities and slow living make Henri feel at home. He is grateful that the Lord saw fit to make him a native Texan. 


Henri is the eldest of four siblings and loves and enjoys his family. He and his siblings can often be found outside in the front field playing touch football, frisbee golf, or air-soft along with his cousins that live close by.  He enjoys playing pretty much any sport and is always up for a game. Henri is passionate about music and is often playing music, singing, or listening to music throughout the day. He spent the last year and a half dancing with an award-winning country western dance team. 


Henri’s first TeenPact experience as a One Day student left him eager to come back and experience the Four Day class. He is very expectant for what the Lord has in store for TeenPact this season. Henri is excited for all the fun times, spiritual encounters, relationship forging,  and memory-making that he will do with TeenPact students and staff this coming season.

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