Director of Staff Development

Johnny Leifheit

Born in New Hampshire and raised in Maine, Johnny is a New Englander through and through. From its classic rugged coastlines, and mountain sides ablaze with the vibrant foliage of Autumn, to a raving community of Boston sports fans, he embraces everything the Northeast has to offer.


Johnny first experienced TeenPact in the Spring of 2008 and after some initial skepticism and trepidation, it quickly grabbed his heart. Since then, the vision of this ministry has changed and guided his life leading to many service opportunities as an Intern, Program Director, Class Director and full time employee in Richmond, VA.


Outside of TeenPact, Johnny is passionate about many things: a connoisseur of great food, mountain top views, and spontaneous road trips to name a few. But most of all, he considers himself a student at heart with interests in theology, philosophy, ethics, and history. You can often find him in a coffee shop with a book in hand, pondering the questions of life and faith while enjoying an afternoon of reading.

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