Noah Diaz

Noah was born in the sooner state of Oklahoma, but for the past nine years has called Indianapolis, Indiana home. Living near the country, yet having quick access to the city, Noah has enjoyed both worlds. As the second oldest of four children, he lives with his parents, siblings, and their five pets. 


Noah enjoys photography, road trips, exploring, listening to plenty of podcasts and music, hanging out with friends, and eating good food. Starting TeenPact as a One Day student in 2011, he has grown up with the organization. With a passion for discipleship and pointing young people to truth, Noah has staffed with TeenPact for several years. Additionally, he has worked on staff with Summit Ministries for their summer student conferences. He also graduated from their gap semester program (Summit Semester) in 2021, living in Colorado for 3 months. Noah is currently a student at Liberty University studying digital marketing and advertising, pursuing a career in the Business field.  


Noah is extremely excited about the opportunity to work with TeenPact. Noah is particularly excited about the discipleship aspect of working with students and staff teams, as well as pursuing excellence in teaching students about the political process from a Christian framework.

2023 Interns