Jeffrey Baker

Being born and raised in the great lake state, Jeffrey calls the little city of Port Huron, Michigan home. While the population of Port Huron is just shy of twenty-nine thousand, it is always a bustling place to be, since it contains one of Michigan’s three bridges that connect to Canada. His home resides on the outskirts of the city, where he and his family enjoy country living.


Jeffrey has enjoyed growing up alongside his nine siblings: Antonia, Abrielle, Aviana, Jediah, Joziah, Alizah, Joel, Anaiyah, and Amariah. They each share in the thankfulness that comes with living in a military family. He, his brothers, and his dad love hunting and doing other outdoor activities.


Although he enjoys doing a wide variety of things, some of his favorite pastimes are playing softball, traveling, spending time with friends, playing football, going to the gym, and playing music. You can often find him quietly tinkering with different melodies on his guitar and writing new songs. Jeffrey loves working with kids, and as such, he currently works as a physical education coach.


After attending his first four-day class in 2020, Jeffrey wanted to grow in leadership more and continued to get involved in the TeenPact program. As he gets ready for next season, he is so excited to see where and how God will use him and the entire team. Jeffrey is also very eager to meet  new people and see new places.

2023 Interns