State Class Field Director

Ken Tangel

Ken Tangel is a life-long New Yorker. Born on Long Island, he is proud to now call Geneseo home. Surrounded by the beautiful woods and fields of upstate New York, Ken and his wife, Laura, are happily raising their seven children. While many think of the state as just the city, Ken loves the outdoorsy side, enjoying concerts and county fairs with his family.


Ken’s TeenPact story began during the inaugural New York State Class in 2015, when he took his “borrowed child” to the Four Day Class and his oldest son to the One Day Class. After talking with the Staffers, he was struck by their intelligence, confidence, poise, and respect. These were the types of people he wanted his kids around as they grew up so when the role of New York State Coordinator opened the following year, Ken jumped at the chance to serve with TeenPact. Ken has boundless energy, a deep passion for reaching students and families, and a heart to encourage and help all he encounters.


If you happen to find Ken while he isn’t investing his perfectionistic tendencies into TeenPact New York, you’ll find him pouring his always-genuine heart out as a Care Manager for at-risk children, working with kids and their parents to address challenges and promote their well-being. When Ken isn’t working, you can find him utilizing his fun, enthusiastic personality while brainstorming clever puns, sipping tea from his favorite coffee shop (Tim Horton’s), renovating something at his home, studying history, or doing absolutely anything with his family.

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