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“Omnipotent God Loves Little Me”

This week’s installment of the TeenPact Blog is brought to you by Kailey Silvey (WY). Kailey attended TeenPact Survival Northwest, one of our TeenPact Alumni Events that was held September 11-16 in in Keystone, South Dakota. A hike in the peaceful woods. Cooking breakfast over an open campfire. Making new friends that are now best friends. Praise… Read more »

“It Is Well”

This week’s installment of the TeenPact Blog is brought to you by Avery Hand (FL). Avery attended Back to DC, one of our TeenPact Alumni Events that was held September 7-12 in Arlington, VA. This was by far my favorite TeenPact event I have attended. There were many times throughout the week that I felt God’s… Read more »

Recap: TeenPact Congress

This week’s installment of the TeenPact Blog is brought to you by Justin Myers (NE). Justin served on the staff team for this year’s 2016 TeenPact Congress alumni event, held in Tallahassee, Florida. Congress 2016 opened with a bang, as President of the Senate Zach Kaufman gaveled in the first joint session in the hallowed… Read more »

Opening Day

Greetings from Richmond, While growing up in Minnesota a long time ago, one of my favorite days of the year was opening day of baseball. I have always been a fan of the Minnesota Twins, and I remember listening to the 1965 World Series when the Twins lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers in seven… Read more »

2017 and Beyond

2016 was a great year for TeenPact… …but 2017 is going to be even better… … so be sure to save your spot and register at 12 EST on Thursday!

TeenPact Venture

In a culture that perpetuates adolescence, how do we as Christians navigate what it means to be a “Man”? No doubt this long-asked question is one of the great issues of our time. Yet, regardless of where you turn, society has a different idea what masculinity looks like. In no small way, it seems, our… Read more »

2016 Elected Officials

TeenPact’s 2016 national student body elections were hosted by TeenPact Network News onsite at National Convention 2016. The following individuals, recognized for their character, charisma, and heart to serve were elected to office by their peers Friday, May 27th, 2016. Thank you for each being an example of Christ-like, servant leadership. PRESIDENT & VICE PRESIDENT Jeremiah Fitzpatrick & Amanda… Read more »

Student Testimony: Abigail Kent

TeenPact Judicial 2016 was held July 10-16 at Liberty University School of Law. If you missed our recap post about the event, please click here. Today we bring you a student testimony written by our friend, Abigail Kent, from Oklahoma.  After returning from TeenPact Judicial, many of my friends have asked, “You went to a law school camp,… Read more »

“This Is Good”

On July 10th we welcomed a record-breaking number of students to the beautiful campus of Liberty University. Gathered from over 20 states for this one-of-a-kind intellectual experience, students who attended TeenPact Judicial had an incredible week! “Coming into the week, I didn’t know what to expect. TeenPact Judicial exceeded all expectations. Leaving Judicial, I feel… Read more »

My Last TeenPact Event

Written by Titus Hobbs I was doing something I never thought I would have to do. I was on my way to my last TeenPact event. As I flew into Richmond I grew slightly discouraged. I started questioning myself about the classes that I had attended and even staffed. “Did I actually “change” anyone’s lives? Had… Read more »