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Meet the 2018 TeenPact Interns

It has been said that “all heroes are shadows of Christ.” Every year, hundreds of such shadows of Christ come through this ministry. Through hours of volunteer work by individuals all over the nation, many lives are served every year. One such group of servants is our traveling intern team. This is a group of 21 young men and women who give up six months of their life to travel full-time with TeenPact and run our State Classes in soon-to-be 42 states. Through their passion and devotion, lives are changed and change the world.

We want you to get to know these heroes along with us this season. So, without further ado, meet your 2018 traveling intern team!

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Jeremiah Fitzpatrick was born and raised in the greatest city on earth — Tampa, Florida. Growing up in Tampa has given Jeremiah a love for people, sports and other things that are amazing. When not at TeenPact, you can find him being social, playing or watching sports or some combination of the two. He enjoys all forms of competition has either played or watched every sport he can think of. Though his love for his city is great, his love for TeenPact is even greater. In 2012 Jeremiah attended his first Four Day Class and on the Wednesday night of that class, he surrendered his life to Christ. The life change he has personally experienced through TeenPact is what inspires Jeremiah to serve the students of the ministry. He is humbled and excited to have the opportunity to return as a Program Director on the 2018 Intern Team.



Preston Glisson hails from the college town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama and is the oldest of nine siblings. He attended his first TeenPact Four Day Class in 2012, and has been coming back to TeenPact events ever since.  When Preston isn’t leading groups of students around state capitols, he enjoys spending time with his rapidly growing family, participating in competition of any kind, listening and creating music, and making new friends.  After living in Uganda for six years, Preston has a passion for overseas mission work, and is excited to spend the upcoming fall serving as a mid-term missionary in Rwanda. Preston is thrilled to get the opportunity to serve the ministry as a Program Director, and he can’t wait to see the ways that the Lord works in and through Him this season.



David Taylor comes from the awe-inspiring city of Anchorage, Alaska. He is the fourth of five siblings, all of whom have been involved with TeenPact in some capacity. In 2009, David attended his first TeenPact event: the One Day Class. Over the years he has attended and staffed numerous TeenPact events including many state classes, National Convention, and TeenPact Venture. During the 2017 season, David served as a Traveling Intern and was awestruck by the way God continues to use him as a broken vessel; he is thrilled to return for another season and serve as a Program Director! David enjoys exploring the beauty of Alaska, engaging fellow believers in his local church and spending time with his family. David has a deep passion for music and worship. Whether from behind a piano, on a guitar, through percussion, or just by lifting his voice, David considers himself honored and privileged to lead people into God’s presence through music.



Brent Vastbinder grew up in the sunshine and Disney filled state of Florida. Adventure called, and now the bayous of Louisiana are his home. He began his TeenPact journey in 2012 when he attended his first State Class. Going into the week, Brent expected to be wowed by the political training, but left realizing that TeenPact cared  about the condition of someone’s soul more than their political stances. TeenPact’s passion for seeing youth grow closer with Jesus is the reason Brent is so hyped to be serving on the intern team again this upcoming season. Outside of TeenPact, Brent enjoys Louisiana, keeping track of the NBA, long talks, skateboarding and a small amount of sarcasm. His prayer this season is that students would better understand the love Jesus has for them.



Although a proud New Englander, Ben is excited for the opportunity to travel the country as an Intern with TeenPact. He began his time with TeenPact in 2010 as a one day student in the historic city of Boston. Since then, Ben has been challenged by the ministry to make his faith his own and live that out in all areas of his life. When not at TeenPact, Ben can be found hiking and rock climbing the mountains of New Hampshire, travelling the world, free diving, and frequenting Dunkin Donuts. As the fourth of five children, Ben began making home videos with his siblings. This inspired Ben to love capturing moments and pursue a career in photography, videography, and marketing. He is looking forward to the new experiences, being challenged, and seeing the impact that God will have around the country.



Born in the Mountain city of Butte, Montana, Brandon moved to Nebraska when he was two and is the younger of two siblings. He thoroughly enjoys rock climbing, hiking, other adventures, politics, and deep conversations. You’re likely to see him trying to get as many people as hyped for the next activity as possible and probably wearing a collection of different styles. In 2013, Nebraska had its first state class and Brandon’s mom was one of the first to sign her kids up. The love and spiritual knowledge displayed by the staff team encouraged him to return and he’s been hooked since. He’s attended and staffed multiple alumni events and state classes and has always left encouraged in his faith and excited for the next adventure. Brandon is extremely excited for this next season and to see everything that God is going to do in the hearts of everyone involved with the organization.



Brooks Clayton is a 9th generation Texan and 3rd of 5 siblings, growing up in the country just outside of Dallas. Though raised in a Christian home and getting baptized at age 9, Brooks’ personal relationship with God really began through a grace-revealing experience in his high school years – and he’s never gotten over it. Brooks loves inductive Bible study, cooking, competitive speech and debate, and listening to movie soundtracks and chamber choir music. When he is not tackling his online college classes, his free time includes playing the piano, harmonizing with others and following current events. Since his first TeenPact state class in 2012 and through subsequent alumni events, Brooks has gained lifelong leadership skills and friendships. He considers it a blessing and privilege to minister to students along with the 2018 TeenPact Intern Team, pointing them to Jesus Christ.



Jonathan Gosz was born and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma along with his seven incredible siblings. His passions include music, sports of all kinds, and reading. He has been playing guitar for about a year and a half and it has become quite an obsession. Thriving on competition, he played soccer for fourteen years and competed regionally with his team. If you arrive unannounced at his home, odds are you will find him devouring a book discussing worldviews, theology, or Christian apologetics. Jonathan is deeply passionate about reaching the hearts and minds of young people with the Gospel. Since he first experienced TeenPact as a student, he has firmly believed in the way TeenPact engages students to make their faith their own and challenges them to impact the culture. He has been involved with TeenPact for five years and is so excited to see how God works through the 2018 season.



A South Carolina girl at her core, Amelia Gray loves everything southern from grits and fried okra to exploring the Blue Ridge foothills. She is always seeking a chance to venture outdoors, but above all she cherishes any meaningful time spent with a friend, new or old. In her element, you can often find her catching up with a friend at the local bagel shop or stopping by an elderly one’s house for a surprise visit, and no doubt updating the journal that is probably by her side. Amelia was introduced to TeenPact in 2014, but she began to really know and love the program the following year as soon as she arrived at the alumni event, Endeavor. Since then, the ministry has been key in highlighting what servant leadership and Biblical community look like in day-to-day life. She is eager to see how the Lord will work and reveal Himself through TeenPact this upcoming season. Her prayer is not that TeenPact would merely change the world, but that it would change lives solely through the power of the Gospel.



A Georgia peach born and raised, Hayley lives in Tyrone — voted the happiest city in the state.  She is the youngest of six and now the aunt of eight little nuggets. She loves spontaneity, traveling, lame jokes, mountains, breakfast food, people’s stories, and a good cup of Joe. Speaking of a good cup of Joe, Hayley earns her pennies at a local coffee shop. She has been actively involved in the political scene over the past few years since her Dad is a State Senator, but she quickly realized and loved that TeenPact was so much more than a government class. She embraced the relational and spiritual growth cultivated from the environment and has seen God work through TeenPact in incredible ways over the past five years. Hayley is abounding with hope for all that is ahead in the 2018 season!



Born in the same state as Oprah Winfrey and Elvis Presley, Jackson Hicks hails from the the small town of Steens, Mississippi. With the coolest dad, prettiest mom, and craziest siblings north of anywhere, Jackson can truly call himself blessed. Playing football and basketball for years has given him a vigorous passion for anything competitive. Apart from sports, Jackson spends his free time chilling with friends, swimming, drinking coffee, fishing, eating bacon, and seeking opportunities to sleep. For the past three years, Jackson has enjoyed learning and experiencing the rigors of TeenPact classes, both as a student and a staffer. While interning, he desires to spread his unashamed love for the gospel to all he comes in contact with, while also growing in his personal relationship with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



Coming from the great plains of Oklahoma where a tornado warning turns into a spectator sport, Mason Hook has spent his whole life living in the city of Edmond. Among his many passions, Mason enjoys traveling, hiking, spending time with his friends, taking pictures of people and places, and reading about international politics and affairs. It is his goal to visit all 59 National Parks by the time he is 30 years old, and he is about a fifth of the way there. In hindsight, Mason is extremely thankful that his mom took him to his first TeenPact class in 2011, even though he was reluctant. God has used TeenPact to dramatically change his life, and he believes that TeenPact is just getting started when it comes to impacting the lives of students all across the nation. He is ecstatic about the opportunity to serve on the 2018 intern team and he is praying that God will work in miraculous ways this upcoming season.



The youngest of two children, Aaron Larvick hails from the great northern state of Michigan. Currently pursuing worship ministry, you can often find him listening to or playing music on a variety of instruments whether it’s at church or at home. Aside from music, Aaron enjoys traveling the country, hanging out with friends, telling great dad jokes, and playing random sports from ice hockey to disc golf.  Aaron immediately fell in love with TeenPact after his first TeenPact experience at a one day class in 2010. The focus that was placed on building a personal relationship with Christ really drew him in. He has been thrilled to have the opportunity to invest in the lives of others in a capacity that develops strong Christian leadership in a community of young people. Aaron is ecstatic about this season and can’t wait to see what God will do through this ministry in 2018.



Raised on homemade buttermilk biscuits and stargazing in open fields, Tommi has always called the South her home. Born in Georgia, she now lives in the land of beautiful plains and spontaneous weather – Oklahoma. Whether it’s camping all over the country with her parents, three sisters, and golden retriever or teaching herself how to play a new instrument and writing music, Tommi is passionate about life’s unique adventures. A few of her favorite things include campfires, long hikes through the woods, and late night conversations with sisters and a bowl of cereal. She has a heart for worship, not only in leading musically, but also striving to live a life of constant worship. Her TeenPact journey began in 2013 at her first state class and she is excited to see how the Lord will be manifested this next season.



Reading challenging books, kicking the soccer ball around with family, and passionately discussing anything from politics and theology to sports and movies are just a few of the things that Zach McCue enjoys most. He has a natural passion for people and is always eager to meet new friends and start new conversations. Everywhere Zach goes, he befriends strangers – in fact, if meeting new people were a hobby, it would be at the top of Zach’s hobby list. It’s no surprise then, that he is right at home in his native Texas, aka “The Hospitality State.” Zach attended his first TeenPact state class as just another school obligation, but quickly found that it was so much more than he could ever have expected. He absolutely loved everything about it, from the first hand capital and government experience to watching others serve God selflessly throughout the week. Needless to say, he came home from that first class begging to reserve his place in the next year’s camp right away! Zach is humbled by the opportunity to intern with TeenPact and is excited and eager to serve and see all of the wonderful things that God has in store for the upcoming TeenPact season.



And on the eighth day God created Texas, and it was very, very good! Always up to talk about his native state, Mac McGee beams with pride whenever he gets to talk about his home state. As the youngest of four children in a military family, Mac understands the value of service to God, country and family. As an Eagle Scout, he loves anything related to the outdoors and especially the ocean, frequently exploring it as an enthusiastic scuba diver. You can also find him pursuing entrepreneurship, running several of his small businesses incorporating his love for craftsmanship and working with his hands. Blessed with having been to a number of foreign countries, his extraverted self loves to travel and meet all different types of people. Thanks to TeenPact, at a very young age Mac learned the importance and value of Christ centered servant leadership. That is why he believes in this ministry which has challenged and taught him so much. The values, experience, and friendships are something that he will carry with him throughout his life. He is so very humbled and excited to serve Jesus Christ as a traveling intern in the 2018 TeenPact season!



Jessica McIntyre hails from the promised land itself – the great state of Maine. Living “Where America’s Day Begins,” there’s always an adventure to be had. You can find Jessica exploring with her four siblings, training for her next race, or simply hanging out at a local coffee shop. When Jessica attended TeenPact for the first time in 2009, the Lord began laying a vision for what a Christ-centered, gospel-powered life truly looks like, which in turn has blossomed into a passion for discipleship and seeing young people live a life “worthy of the gospel.” Jessica is incredibly excited and blessed to be serving alongside her fellow Interns, and is expectant for what the Lord will do throughout this season. To God be the glory!



Although Anabelle was born in Maine, she has called Central Florida home for almost her entire life. A few of her favorite things are her succulent garden, her two siblings, long conversations, waffles, and airplane window seats. Her TeenPact story began in 2013 at the Florida Four Day Class. It was there where her love for intentional conversations and high heels began, but most importantly, it’s where she finally understood what a community of believers should look like. Anabelle is honored and humbled with the opportunity to serve in furthering TeenPact’s mission of building up future leaders. She is beyond excited for what this season will hold and is praying in anticipation for what the Lord has in store. It is her desire that this team and each student they serve would truly be salt and light in the world.



Danielle comes from the sunflower state, Kansas, where she’s grown up with bi-polar weather, stunning sunsets, and kind-hearted souls. Growing up on a cattle ranch, Danielle has a love for her own farming community. A few of her favorite things include playing the piano, basketball, traveling, drinking iced coffee, and driving with the windows down. Danielle attended her first TeenPact 4-day state class in 2013 and fell in love with the organization’s mission. She was encouraged and inspired by the true and genuine relationship with Christ that the staffers displayed. The Lord has used TeenPact to bring Danielle closer to Him, and she’s incredibly humbled and blessed to serve in this capacity, and looks forward to what the Lord has in store this season.



A native Floridian and taco enthusiast, Kathleen Sullivan is proud to have called Tampa, Florida, home for her entire life. She participated in many activities as a child, ranging from soccer and lacrosse to piano and guitar. She also enjoys any activity that is outside, whether that be hiking mountains or picnicking on riversides. Forced to attend her first TeenPact Four Day class in 2013, Kathleen left the week a different person, having realized what it meant to not only be involved with the political process, but also what it looks like to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Kathleen has enjoyed every second she has been involved with TeenPact and is humbled and honored to continue serving with the ministry in this capacity during the upcoming season.



Born and raised in the Volunteer State, Kate is grateful to call the rolling hills of Franklin, Tennessee home. Spending most of her free time the past thirteen years training, teaching, or competing as an Irish dancer, she has enjoyed every minute of it. Irish dance has taken her on many travels, whether that be piling in the minivan with her sisters and biggest fans—mom, dad, and little brother—to compete around the U.S., to traveling overseas (indeed, she has left a part of her heart on Ireland’s windswept coasts). Her favorite things include drinking chai tea, riding with the windows down, dancing till she can’t anymore, and gazing at sunsets, which she believes to be God’s love letters. Because Tennessee didn’t have TeenPact until 2014, she grew up attending classes in Kentucky, Alabama, Illinois, and South Carolina, but soon found that TeenPact was well worth the traveling. Greatly impacted by the wholehearted discipleship of the staff and interns at TeenPact, she is humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to serve as an intern to further TeenPact’s mission of changing lives through the gospel. It is her prayer that God would be magnified this season in the eyes and actions of the 2018 team.



Trisha B.

Congratulations to each of you!! Looks like it’s going to be a fantastic season!


Julia Phillips

I’m so thankful for these people! I can’t wait to hopefully see some of them again and meet more of them!

52 states though?


Serena Walker

Haha, that you for that catch, Julia. It was a most unfortunate typo. We are looking forward for TeenPact to be in 42 states this next season. :)


Super excited for what God has this upcoming season! Praying that He would use each and everyone of you this season. God bless y’all!


So excited! Who will be the intern for Louisiana.


Serena Walker

Thanks Skyler! The schedule for next season hasn’t been set yet, but I can tell you that Louisiana is a beloved – and highly requested – state for intern travel. :)


Grahm Burns

Congratulations, everyone! (Hi, Annabelle! :)


Grahm Burns

Wow! There’s a lot of people from FL…


Grahm Burns

(Also… Hi, Preston!)


Rachel Acham

Congratulations, Amelia! I look forward to seeing the great things that you will accomplish for God.


So excited for this next season of TeenPact! Looks like it’s gonna be a great one. :) Congrats to all on the Intern team!


Hannah Nelson

So excited for the new intern/program director team! Congratulations to David Taylor! Way to represent AK!


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