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Meet Your 2018 Intern Team!

Serena Deloglos July 12, 2017
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It has been said that “all heroes are shadows of Christ.” Every year, hundreds of such shadows of Christ come through this ministry. Through hours of volunteer work by individuals all over the nation, many lives are served every year. One such group of servants is our traveling intern team. This is a group of 21 young men and women who give up six months of their life to travel full-time with TeenPact and run our State Classes in soon-to-be 42 states. Through their passion and devotion, lives are changed and change the world.


We want you to get to know these heroes along with us this season. So, without further ado, meet your 2018 traveling intern team!




Jeremiah Fitzpatrick was born and raised in the greatest city on earth — Tampa, Florida. While he now lives in Columbus, Ohio, studying at Ohio State (O-H-I-O), he claims it was growing up in Tampa that filled his heart with love for people, sports and all the other amazing things in life. In 2012, Jeremiah attended his first TeenPact Four Day Class. During the Wednesday night Evening Session, he surrendered his life to Christ. It was this dramatic life change he experienced through TeenPact that inspires Jeremiah to love and serve TeenPact students . . . READ MORE




Preston Glisson hails from the college town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where barbecue is its own food group and winning is a tradition. The oldest of nine, Preston got his start in TeenPact when he attended his first TeenPact Four Day Class in 2012. He hasn’t missed a TeenPact event since! With energy that fills a room and a smile that fills his face, Preston is thrilled for the opportunity to serve this year as a 2018 Program Director. . . . READ MORE




David Taylor comes from the land of breathtaking mountain ranges, wandering moose, and ever-available espresso – Anchorage, Alaska. The fourth of five siblings, all of whom have participated in TeenPact, David couldn’t wait to go to his first TeenPact One Day State Class in 2009. His love for TeenPact has grown exponentially over the years as he has attended and staffed numerous State Classes, National Convention, and TeenPact Venture. . . . READ MORE




Brent Vastbinder grew up midst the warm sunshine and Disney magic of Orlando, Florida. While there are various theories, we do think that this idealistic childhood contributed to his enthusiasm, boundless energy, and love for life. Brent’s TeenPact story began in 2012 when he attended his first TeenPact Four Day State Class. Going into the week, Brent expected to be wowed by the political training, but left realizing that TeenPact cared about the condition of someone’s soul more than their political stances. . . . READ MORE




Ben Albano happily calls Boston, Massachusetts—a land rich with history, cannoli, and infamously confusing streets—home. He began his time with TeenPact in 2010 as a TeenPact One Day Student exploring historic halls of the Massachusetts State House. Since then, Ben has been challenged by the ministry to make his faith his own and live that out in all areas of his life. . . . READ MORE




Brandon Batchelor was born in the mountain city of Butte, Montana. It wasn’t long though before the charm of the Midwest called and Brandon moved to Nebraska with his family. In 2013, Nebraska had its first TeenPact State Class and Brandon’s mom was one of the first to sign him and his older sister up for the class. The love and spiritual knowledge displayed by the staff team encouraged him to return and he’s been hooked ever since! . . . READ MORE




Brooks Clayton is a Texan through and through. The third of five siblings and a ninth generation Texan, Brooks grew up a wide expanse of country just outside of Dallas. Though raised in a Christian home and baptized at age nine, Brooks’s personal relationship with God really began through a grace-revealing experience in his high school years – and he’s never gotten over it. Since his first TeenPact State Class in 2012 and through subsequent Alumni Events, Brooks has gained lifelong leadership skills and friendships. . . . READ MORE




Jonathan Gosz was born and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma, along with his seven favorite people (aka his siblings). Jonathan is passionate about reaching the hearts and minds of young people with the gospel. After first experiencing TeenPact as a student five years ago, he was struck with the way TeenPact encourages students to make their faith their own. . . . READ MORE




Amelia Gray is a Greenville, South Carolina, girl at her core–loving everything southern from grits and fried okra to exploring the Blue Ridge foothills. Amelia was introduced to TeenPact in 2014, but she began to really know and love the program the following year as soon as she arrived at the alumni event, Endeavor. . . . READ MORE




Hayley Harbin is a Georgia peach–born and raised. Calling the happiest city in the state, Tyrone, Georgia, home. Hayley is the youngest of six siblings and now the aunt of eight little nieces and nephews. Although she has been actively involved in the political scene over the past few years since her dad is a State Senator, she quickly realized and loved that TeenPact was so much more than a political class. . . . READ MORE




Jackson Hicks hails from the the small town of Steens, Mississippi. While being born in the same state as Oprah Winfrey and Elvis Presley, Jackson biggest claim to fame comes with being related to the coolest dad, prettiest mom, and craziest siblings north of anywhere. For the past three years, Jackson has enjoyed learning and experiencing the rigors of TeenPact classes, both as a student and a staffer. While interning, he desires to spread his unashamed love for the gospel with all while also growing in his personal relationship with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. . . . READ MORE




Mason Hook comes to TeenPact from the great plains of Edmond, Oklahoma, where a tornado warning turns into a spectator sport. In hindsight, Mason is extremely thankful that his mom took him to his first TeenPact class in 2011, even though he was reluctant. God has used TeenPact to dramatically change his life, and he believes that TeenPact is just getting started when it comes to impacting the lives of students all across the nation. . . . READ MORE




Aaron Larvick hails from the great northern state of Michigan. Raised in the charming lakeside town, Waterford, Aaron is the youngest of two siblings. Aaron immediately fell in love with TeenPact after his first TeenPact experience at a One Day State Class in 2010. The focus that was placed on building a personal relationship with Christ captured his heart. . . . READ MORE




Tommi Lynn was raised on homemade buttermilk biscuits and stargazing in open fields and considers the South her true home. Born in Georgia, she now lives in the land of beautiful plains and spontaneous weather – Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has a heart for worship, not only in leading musically, but also striving to live a life of constant worship. Her TeenPact journey began in 2013 at her first State Class. . . . READ MORE




Zachary McCue proudly calls the great state of Texas, aka “The Hospitality State,” home. While he attended his first TeenPact State Class as just another school obligation, Zach quickly found that it was so much more than he could ever have expected. He absolutely loved everything about it, from the first hand capitol and government experience to watching others serve God selflessly throughout the week. . . . READ MORE




Mac McGee is always up to talk about his native state–Texas. Afterall, he says beaming with pride, on the eighth day God created Texas, and it was very, very good! Through TeenPact, Mac learned the importance and value of Christ-centered servant leadership. The values and friendships he made through his TeenPact experiences are something he will carry with him throughout his life. . . . READ MORE




Jessica McIntyre hails from the promise land itself – the great state of Maine. Living in Kittery, Maine – “Where America’s Day Begins” – there’s always an adventure to be had. When Jessica attended TeenPact for the first time in 2009, the Lord began laying a vision for what a Christ-centered, gospel-powered life truly looks like, which in turn has blossomed into a passion for discipleship and seeing young people live a life “worthy of the gospel.” . . . READ MORE




Anabelle Reilly was born in Maine, but has happily lived in the warm sunshine of Maitland, Florida, home for almost her entire life. Her TeenPact story began in 2013 at the Florida Four Day State Class. It was there where her love for intentional conversations and high heels began, but most importantly, it’s where she finally understood what a community of believers should look like. . . . READ MORE




Danielle Sharp comes from the sunflower state, Kansas, where she’s grown up with bipolar weather, stunning sunsets, and kind-hearted souls just outside the small town of Humboldt. Danielle attended her first Four Day State Class in 2013 and fell in love with the TeenPact’s vision mission. She was encouraged and inspired by the true and genuine relationship with Christ that the staffers displayed. . . . READ MORE




Kathleen Sullivan is proud to be a native Floridian having lived Tampa, Florida, her entire life. Forced to attend her first TeenPact Four Day State Class in 2013, Kathleen left the week a different person, having realized what it meant to not only be involved with the political process, but also what it looks like to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. . . . READ MORE




Kate Williams is grateful to call the rolling hills of Franklin, Tennessee, home. Because Tennessee didn’t have TeenPact until 2014, Kate grew up attending classes in Kentucky, Alabama, Illinois, and South Carolina, and quickly realized that TeenPact was well worth the travel. Greatly impacted by the wholehearted discipleship of the Staff and Interns at TeenPact, she is humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to serve as an Intern to further TeenPact’s mission of changing lives through the gospel. . . . READ MORE



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